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For order inquiries, go to the checkout page. On the second page, use the "Remarks for Shop" box in the bottom left to leave your comments. 

The process of instant online credit cardpayment is secured through SSL encryption to protect your personal privacy data.

ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIMEShipments areprocessed within 3-5 working days from Monday to Friday. Shipments Delivery aresuspended after 12:00 AM on Fridays, on weekends, national holidays, andgovernment-declared non-working days. The actual delivery date depends on thelogistics provider's delivery schedule.

During transit, it's possible for the outer packagingto sustain damage from collisions. If the product itself remains undamaged, wewon't accept returns or exchanges. We strive to minimize collision incidents.For defective products or missing parts, please contact us.
To safeguardmutual interests, MSYAMING International Fashion Co., Ltd. reserves the rightto determine whether to accept orders and proceed with shipments.

According to the Ministry of Finance orderDesk, Treasury word 1070001765 number ofelectronic invoiceimplementation job points”, from January 1st, 2024 to the present site ofconsumption to open electronic invoice, no physical paper invoice it will notsend. This site will be in the period of the opening of the electronic invoiceuploaded to the financial portion of the e-invoice integrated service platformis retained. You can use FAQ > E-Invoice Binding functions, the members ofthe carrier the normalized user operations. The normalized user after thewinning invoice will be issued by the “Ministry of Finance e-invoiceintegration platform” for the award of the relevant notification and job; notattributed to the user of the winning invoice will be provided by the web siteto e-mail, push and SMS notification your award notification and the job. (Theelectronic invoice and the members of the carrier return the user description,see Ministry of Finance e-invoice integration platform https://www.einvoice.nat.gov.tw/)

According to Article 19 of the ConsumerProtection Act, consumers have the right to rescind the contract in writingwithin 7 days (including holidays) upon receipt of goods or services withoutstating the reasons or be responsible for any expenses or costs, except in thecase of distance sales with reasonable matters. Return will only be accepted when the product is fully sealed and withinits original packaging.  Return will notbe accepted if the product is opened, used, or loses its resale value due tolack of integrity.

1. Please ensure that the package is returnedwith all its original packaging intact, which includes an undamaged carton box,the brand's packaging box (e.g., shoe box),shipping note, label, any gifts withpurchase (GWP), and any other accompanying items. If the original carton box isunavailable, please use a new carton box for the return.
Please refrain from returning the productusing the brand box, as it is considered part of the product itself.
Pleasenote that we cannot accept returns if the brand box is damaged, as it isconsidered part of the product itself.
2. The7 days cooling-off period does not comply with the following situations: ifthere are stains, odor, makeup, or incomplete accessories.
3. Minordiscrepancies such as a 2cm size variation, color differences,  or exposed threads fall within the acceptablerange as per international inspection standards and are not considered defects.
4. Colordifferences occur due to screen resolution or any screen issues, the actualproduct received shall prevail.
5. Ifa discount code is provided as part of a promotion, its eligibility forredemption will be determined by the final refunded amount. If the refundedamount falls below the discount code's threshold, the discount will be revoked,and the code's value will not be credited back to your account.
6. Ifmultiple returns are made, your membership account may be locked, resulting inthe inability to access the online store's services. We suggest consideringpurchasing directly from our physical stores.

[ Reasons forUnprocessed Returns and Exchanges ]
1. Beyond7-day cooling off period.
2. Theproduct accessories are incomplete or the tag has been removed.
3. Inaccordance with Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act, certain exceptionsapply to the right to refuse returns or exchanges. These exceptions includeunderwear (including items categorized as pajamas containing underwear), allintimate apparel, and earrings of the piercing type. Due to personal hygieneconsiderations, returns will not be accepted once the product is opened.
4. Productsthat have been worn, washed, or stained due to personal factors.
5. Productscannot be returned or exchanged through different channels.
6. Exchangesare limited to one occurrence. If the requested product is out of stock orcannot be shipped due to other factors, a refund will be issued.
7. Exchangesand returns are not accepted for overseas deliveries.

Refunds or exchanges will be processed uponreceipt of the products and after their condition has been inspected andconfirmed.

The refund will be credited back to theoriginal credit card used for the purchase. Please note that due to varying processing times among banks, it maytake approximately 14 to 21 working days for the refund to reflect in your account.  If you wish to track the progress, werecommend contacting your bank after 7 to 10 working days.